About Us

Hi!  We're the Cabanilla's. 




Justine. Hudson. Candice.

  Together we are - Sugar Sweetery.

Hi, I'm Justine.  I'm a former senior accountant that turned my love of baking into a business.  I've baked my entire life and have always had dreams of following my passion.  In 2016, I started the journey of Sugar Sweetery out of our one oven home kitchen, with a newborn.


I'm married to Candice, who is a former retail store manager that started helping with the business once she realized how busy I was.  Unfortunately, she was laid off in early 2018, but decided to stay home with our son, Hudson, and help take on the baking duties.  She's been the key ingredient for this business taking off - including learning all of the recipes.  She never really baked during her life and even struggled with making a frozen pizza!  But she was a good sport and a great student and has been successful in taking over the full baking duties, order discussions and she's also the smiling face you see when you pick up your order. 


Getting Candice up and running on the baking side of the business allowed me more time to focus on mastering my decorating skills, as well as creating decorating class themes (my favorite!).  With both of us taking active roles in the business, we became increasingly busy and I left my day job in late 2019. 

We now operate under a catering license and bake out of a shared commercial kitchen space.  We have dreams of having our very own bake studio where we can work on orders, teach both baking and decorating workshops and even hold vendor and craft type events that showcase local talent.

We have lots of ideas and plans for Sugar Sweetery and

we hope you follow along on our adventure!

We own and operate this business out of our home in Rancho Cordova, California.

Catering License #PR0127641

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