Flash Sales & Pre-Sales

You can score treats and goodies from us without ever placing a custom order. It's the best way to sample some of our menu without having to purchase a minimum amount.

What's the difference between Flash Sales & Pre-Sales you ask?

A Flash Sale is when we have items already made/decorated and basically ready to go for pickup that day or the next.  If you've been following us for a while, these are our:

Treat Tuesday's. 


We do bi-weekly treat offerings and post what we have available in our shop on...you guessed it: Tuesday.  Our Flash Sales allow us to be creative and silly and we love them!  We pick different themes for each Treat Tuesday and make a big deal out of them.  Some of our past themes have been 80's, Friends, Schitt's Creek, Grinch, Mickey/Minnie, Hocus Pocus and SO MUCH MORE!!

A Pre-Sale is when we post a menu you'd pre-order from, which means the item has not been made/decorated, yet.  Pickup times for a pre-sale can be out a week or more.

Both Flash Sales & Pre-Sales are listed here in our shop.

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